Chest Shops allow you to buy and sell items from other players within the game. In this article, we will describe how you can create your own chest shops in order to create your own shops and marketplaces.

Chest Shops always consist of a chest and a sign. Items that will be sold should be placed in the chest, and items that will be purchased will end up in the chest after players sell them to you. A sign is placed directly in front of the chest, which defines the item, quantity, and buy/sell price for the item.

Chest Shop Tutorial
  1. Place down a Chest. This will contain the items you wish to sell, and it will also hold the items that players have sold to you.
  2. While holding a sign, hold Shift and Right-Click on the Chest.
  3. Leave the first line of the sign blank. This will be auto-filled with your username.
  4. On the second line, enter the number of items you wish to be bought/sold at one time. For example, entering "1" will only allow a player to buy one item at a time, while entering "64" will allow them to buy an entire stack of that item at a time.
  5. On the third line, the buy/sell prices are listed.
    To allow players to buy items from your shop, enter "B <price>"
    To allow players to sell items to your shop, enter "S <price>"
    If you'd like for players to be able to buy and sell from your shop, then enter "B <price> : <price> S" (examples provided below).
  6. On the fourth line, list the item that you wish to buy or sell. By entering a "?", this line will automatically be filled with whatever item is currently in the chest. You can also type "/iteminfo" while holding an item to see what you should enter here. Many items such as Enchanted Books and all of our custom items will require an additional code after the item name, which can be seen with the "/iteminfo" command. This is the most common mistake in creating Chest Shops, so be sure to do this correctly!
  7. After all lines have been filled, simply create the sign. If you did everything right, your username should fill the first line of the shop, and players will be able to buy and sell items from you!

Creating Chest Shops can be difficult, so we will provide some examples which show how to set up different chest shops.

Chest Shop Examples

Allows players to purchase 1 Cooked Beef for $50
Allows players to sell 1 Cooked Beef to your shop for $25 each (make sure you have enough money in your balance!)
Allows players to purchase 1 Cooked Beef for $50, or sell 1 Cooked Beef for $25
Allows players to purchase a custom Multitool pickaxe for $100,000. Note that you will need to use /iteminfo to find the correct ID.

Chest Shop Tips

  • When selling custom items or other items that have extra item IDs, use item frames to showcase what item the player is purchasing
  • If you find a Chest Shop that sells something that it doesn't claim to be selling, be sure to report it using our Discord server
  • Ask around in our community and use other popular shops in the area to determine fair prices for your items
  • If you would like to create more than 5 Chest Shops, you can purchase a rank on our store to get access to more Chest Shops
  • Create player warps for your Chest Shops to allow other players to access them more easily
  • Avoid annoying advertisements for your shop in chat. One message every few minutes is plenty
  • Create a message in the #marketplace channel in our Discord server for increased visibility. Be sure to include which server you're connected to.