Ahoy Castaways!

December is finally here, and with it comes our 2021 Winter Event, the largest content update we've ever done on Castaway. This update includes new gear sets, furniture, holiday-themed collectibles, new cosmetics, a new spawn, and much more!

Read the rest of the blog post to find out how you can participate in the festivities!


There are 4 unique presents to collect and open: green, blue, red, and gold. Presents contain pieces of the new Candycane gear set along with 10 edible holiday-themed treats. The higher the rarity of the present, the more rewards you'll get!

Here's how to get presents:

  • Green presents can be obtained while using any sword, bow, pickaxe, axe, shovel, or hoe.
  • Snowman tools must be used to get blue, red, and gold presents.
  • While wearing a full set of Snowman armor, your chances of finding presents are doubled.


Two sets of furniture are now available for purchase with in-game money through the furniture category on /shop or in the showroom at /warp furniture

Wood Furniture Set
Modern Furniture Set

December Crate

The December monthly crate includes the new Snowman gear set, 5 holiday-themed hats, gold presents, vehicles, spawners, in-game money, and more!

The Snowman tool ability allows you to collect all 4 presents and the armor set bonus doubles your chances!

More information can be found here:

Pufferfish Rank

The new Pufferfish rank is a monthly rank given to the top 3 donators at the end of each month and includes the following perks:

  • Unique Pufferfish rank tag
  • 30 /ah listings
  • All Pirate+ perks
  • All disguises

The first three Pufferfish rank holders are:

  • Mudpuppy8805
  • cadet_sam
  • elizabethli

Build Competition

Our build competition for the month of December is Christmas-themed! Please make sure you read the rules and guidelines listed below before you start:

  • Builds must be built on Castaway (Oneblock or Survival)
  • Builds can be any size
  • If your build is located on Survival, make sure to claim it
  • Build submissions will only be accepted in the #build-submissions channel in our Discord server - https://castaway.gg/discord
  • All submissions must be in by December 29th at 3 pm EST to be considered
1st - $30 Store Giftcard
2nd - $25 Store Giftcard
3rd - $20 Store Giftcard
4th - $15 Store Giftcard
5th - 1x Tiki/Magic Crate

New Spawn

Our new snow-covered spawn features a new crate room, furniture store, and Christmas decorations!

Staff Applications

We are pleased to announce that staff applications have been re-opened! If you are interested in helping out the community, feel free to submit an application here:

Please make sure you read all of the information in the form before applying to ensure you are eligible and this is the right opportunity for you. Applications are reviewed every 1-2 weeks.

Good luck!