Earth Survival is a very popular survival-based gamemode in Minecraft. In this article, we will teach you how to play this gamemode on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft for free!

There are two main ways that you can play Earth Survival on Bedrock. The easiest way is by using a Bedrock Edition server that has already been set up. The harder way is to download an Earth Survival Map.

Castaway is a popular Earth Survival server that supports Bedrock Edition players! This server has a thriving community and it is very easy to add this server to your server list. There are also many other Earth Survival servers, but you may find that they have fewer features and are less popular. In order to join Castaway, you can use the following steps:

  1. Open Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
  2. Click the "Play" button, and select "Servers"
  3. Scroll down and click on the "Add Server" button
  4. For "Server Name", enter "Castaway"
    For "Server Address", enter ""
    For "Server Port", enter "19132"
  5. Click on the "Save" button to add Castaway to your server list.
  6. Click on the new "Castaway" button to join the server.
  7. Select any of the fruit names to join an Earth Survival world! Make sure you select the same fruit each time so your items and builds are saved.

Some versions of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition do not support adding custom servers like this. If this is the case, then you will not be able to join Earth Survival servers. Minecraft PE fully supports joining custom servers, so feel free to play Castaway's Minecraft Survival Server on PE.

In the event that you do not want to join an Earth Survival server, and would rather play on an offline Earth Survival world, then you can download an Earth Survival Map from the Minecraft Marketplace. Do be aware that this will cost money, whereas Earth Survival Servers are often free.

The Castaway Earth Survival Server offers many benefits over downloading an Earth Survival Map. The primary benefit is that it allows you to play Earth Survival for free. It also allows you to play with your friends and meet other friendly players. Castaway's Earth Survival maps have large player-driven communities and economies, and many buildings and landscapes for you to explore. It is by far the easiest and best way to play on an Earth Survival Map.

When playing Castaway, be sure to claim your land using the golden shovel claim tool. Right clicking the ground with the golden shovel allows you to create a claim so other players cannot break your builds and steal your items. If you'd like to build with your friends, you can trust them to your claim by using "/trust".

Castaway also has many more unique features like custom items and vehicles. Vehicles can be found in crates, which can be purchased on the server store. Castaway also has a OneBlock gamemode, which challenges you to survive on a single regenerating block and build the best, most valuable island. Be sure to check it out!

Small Survival Server

Castaway strives to make your experience feel just like a small survival server with just your friends would feel like. We foster an environment where players can hang out, chat, and trade with each other freely, in a non-toxic environment. We always want to make sure that you feel safe on our small survival server, so we have many server moderators from the community constantly watching over the server to ensure that everybody has a good time.

Minecraft PE Survival Server

Castaway fully supports Minecraft PE. You can join Castaway on Minecraft PE easily, just by following the above instructions. Minecraft PE allows you to play Minecraft on mobile devices such as Apple and Android devices. There are very few Minecraft Survival Servers for Pocket Edition, which makes Castaway a rare gem. Castaway is a very high quality server, and we hope our community and game-modes speak for themselves. Be sure to hop on Castaway's Minecraft Survival Server on PE for a breathtaking experience with beautiful scenery and amazing builds!

I hope that this guide was useful in helping you play Earth Survival in Minecraft. Be sure to join Castaway and get involved in our community! We'd love to see you around!