Access the main fish menu by either shift-clicking with your fishing rod in hand or do /fish menu

Commands List

  • /fish help Shows general fish commands
  • /fish menu Opens the main fishing menu
  • /fish codex Opens the fish codex
  • /fish shop Opens the fish shop
  • /fish stats [player] See your own or another player fishing stats
  • /fish scales Opens the fish scales
  • /fish bag Opens the fish bag
  • /fish gut Opens the fish gutting menu
  • /fish augment Opens the augment menu/fish entropy See your entropy balance

The /fish codex gives information on each tier of fish. It also shows how many of each fish has been caught and who caught the first one. There are 6 tiers of fish:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Mythical

Fish scales allow you to weigh the fish you have caught to get a chance at making more money. However there is the chance to make less money, so beware! On the side of the /fish scales menu, there are risks you can take (similar to gambling) for a chance at getting a higher price for your fish. To scale fish simply put fish into the menu, select a risk (optional) and then click the anvil! Note: bounds are the % increase in which the base price can be increased + or decreased - by

Low Risk

Chance to Profit: 70%Bound: By up to +/-20% on base price

Medium Risk

Chance to Profit: 60%Bound: By up to +/-40% on base price

High Risk

Chance to Profit: 50%Bound: By up to +/-60% on base price

Extreme Risk

Chance to Profit: 40%Bound: By up to +/-80% on base price

The /fish shop allows you to sell fish either before scaling or after scaling. All you need to do is put the fish you want to sell into the menu then close it and the money will be added to your balance. Different fish sell for different amounts:

There is also a “Special Fish.” Special fish are chosen randomly every so often and are given a sell multiplier. This means if you catch and sell a fish while it is the “Special Fish” you can get it for more than the original price. For example, if a Squid is a special fish with a sell multiplier of 1.5 it would sell for $150 instead of $100.

The gutting station allows you to gut the fish you’ve caught and receive Entropy for it. Note: Entropy is the fish currency. It allows you to purchase and upgrade perks on the fish menu. To gut fish, all you need to do is put your fish into the /fish gut menu and click the nether star. Different fish get different amounts of entropy.

Fishing augments are basically custom enchants for fishing rods that give different perks when fishing. In the /fish augment menu, you are able to add augments to your fishing rod, remove them, and withdraw entropy to get an Entropy Crystal. There are currently 12 different types of augments. Continue reading to learn what each one is and how to craft them.

Deliveries are another way to earn entropy. By doing /fish deliveries you can see your available deliveries. To get a delivery you need to catch 180 fish. Starting out, you are able to get a max of 3 deliveries at a time. Delivery types are random and range from Common to Mythical.

Fish tournaments happen every so often on the server. By coming in first, second, or third in these tournaments you will receive a crate key. By participating in the tournaments you will receive entropy. See info on fish tournaments using:

  • /ft info to see the current tournament info
  • /ft time to see when the next tournament is