Over the past few months, you may have seen many people talking about Earth Survival in Minecraft. But how can you even play survival on an Earth map? Is there a secret seed? Well, in this article, we'll teach you exactly how.

The easiest way to play Earth Survival is to join the Castaway Minecraft Server. This server allows you to play with your friends on an Earth Survival map. It even includes a full map of the world, which you can view by typing /map while in game. It also includes many other unique features such as vehicles and a thriving economy. The best part is it requires no additional mods or downloads.

The hard way is to download an Earth map to your computer and install it manually. This can be troublesome and difficult for many, and you may need to switch your minecraft verison in order for it to work.

  1. Open your favorite version of Minecraft
  2. If you're using Java Edition, then connect with earth.castaway.gg (make sure you accept the resource pack when prompted)
  3. If you're using Bedrock Edition, then follow the tutorial.
  4. Once you connect, you can select any of our survival realms, which will put you in your own earth survival world!

After connecting to one of our survival realms, you will have been placed somewhere in the world randomly. If you don't like where you spawned, you can always get a new spawn location by typing /rtp. It is very important to make sure you've set a home with /sethome so you can get back, and to claim any of your builds with the golden shovel so that they don't get destroyed.

Castaway also has many unique features like custom vehicles, which you can obtain by trading with other players. Castaway is played by thousands of players, so join in our community by interacting with other players. Buying and selling items from others is highly encouraged!

In order to build with another player, make sure you add that player to your claims with "/trust", this will ensure that the other player can build with you on your protected land.

If you'd prefer to play earth survival yourself, then you can search for a map online.

  1. Find an Earth Survival map (watch out for malware!)
  2. Click the "Open Resource Packs" button in Minecraft
  3. In the resource packs folder, navigate back to the ".minecraft" folder
  4. Open the "saves" folder and drop the downloaded map inside.

Remember that, when playing in singleplayer, you won't have access to a live map, and you won't be able to play with any of your friends. For this reason, playing on Castaway is highly encouraged instead.