Castaway is an excellent Survival Server that you can play using Minecraft PE. Minecraft Pocket Edition was originally released in 2011, and since then, many Survival Servers have popped up. Few of these Survival Servers were worth playing on in Minecraft PE, but Castaway's Minecraft Survival Server provides the perfect experience for any fan of Minecraft PE.

Castaway is a Minecraft PE Survival Server with many custom features. These include Custom Items, Vehicles, and so much more! We also offer two different game-modes. The first game-mode is our traditional Survival server. The second gamemode is a OneBlock server, a unique twist on SkyBlock.

That's right, we created a mechanic that allows you to drive working vehicles in Minecraft PE on our Survival Server! You can drive cars, trucks, tractors, and even fly airplanes, helicopters, and magic brooms! We also have hundreds of brand new custom items on our Survival Server that have never been seen before in Minecraft PE.

How to join a Minecraft Survival Server on PE

In order to join Castaway on Minecraft PE, use the following steps

  1. Open Minecraft PE
  2. Select the "Play" tab, and then the "Servers" tab
  3. Click on "Add Server" at the top of the screen
  4. For "Server Name", enter "Castaway"
    For "Server Address", enter ""
    For "Server Port", enter "19132"
  5. Click on the "Save" button to add Castaway to your server list in Minecraft PE
  6. Select the server you just added to join
  7. Select any of the icons to join one of our Survival Servers on PE

Small Minecraft Survival Server

Castaway is a small Minecraft Survival Server that allows you to form bonds and make friends with our community. We encourage you to get involved in our small community of Minecraft players. As you progress in Minecraft Survival, you can gain access to more rare items, which you can trade with other players on the server.

Claiming Land

Always remember to claim your land before you start building! You can do this by using the golden shovel item that gets placed in your inventory when you join. Click the ground with the golden shovel to claim land. This will protect it from griefers.

You can also choose to invite your friends to the server. When you invite friends, be sure to add them to your claims so you can build together! You can do this with the "/trust" command. To do this, simply stand in your claim and type "/trust <username>", replacing "username" with your friend's username. This will allow your friend access to build on your claim and share your items on our Survival Server.

Auction House

Castaway's Survival Server has an auction house system which allows you to list items for sale and purchase items from other players. In order to use this system, be sure that you have an item that's in high demand. Asking around in chat is a great way to see if people are interested in your item. Next is to determine a fair selling price. If you set your price too high, then nobody will buy your item. But if you set your price too low, then you could be leaving extra profits on the table! Once you determine a selling price, you can use the command "/ah sell <price>" to sell the item you're currently holding. Then it's just a matter of waiting until a player decides to purchase it! Using the Auction House system on our Survival Server takes some practice, but it's easy to get the hang of.

Server Shop

You can also earn in-game money by selling items to the Survival Server Shop. To access the shop, you can type "/shop" in chat. This will bring up a shop menu where you can explore which items to buy and sell. Once you have found an item to sell, you can either sell it in the menu or type "/sell hand". To purchase items from the Survival Server Shop, simply click on the item you wish to buy, select a quantity, and purchase it, all from the "/shop" menu.

Additional Help

If you need additional help accessing our Minecraft Survival Server on PE, then you can always join our Discord server. We have many staff members and community members eager to help you out and start your journey on Castaway. We hope to see you soon!