Greetings Castaways!

We're very excited to announce our first new gamemode today, Oneblock! This new gamemode allows you to build an empire in the sky starting from one regenerating block. There's plenty more to see, so make sure to read the entire post.

Oneblock Basics 🌳

Each player starts out on a single block floating in the sky. This block regenerates infinitely, spawning new blocks, chests, and mobs as you progress through each phase. Here's a quick list of the other oneblock mechanics:

  • Island Teams - Invite friends to your island.
  • Island Level - Place mineral blocks to compete for island top!
  • Challenges - Complete tasks to earn rewards.
  • Generators - Unlock better ores in your generators.
  • Greenhouses - Create mini-biomes on your island.

Crates & Items 🎉

Two completely new crates are available on Oneblock with brand new rewards. The July Monthly Crate is also available on Oneblock, but with a new set of rewards. These rewards include:

  • Sell wands allow you to sell the contents of your chests with ease.
  • Money and XP pouches reward you with a random amount of money or XP based on the tier of the pouch.
  • Boosters increase your money, McMMO, or XP gain for a set amount of time.
  • Minions allow you to automate tasks on your island.
  • Traveler Armor, Weapons, and Tools.
  • Stardust Armor, Weapons, and Tools.
  • Lunar Armor, Sword, and Pickaxe.
  • USA Armor, Weapons, and Tools.

Store Update 💰

With the release of our new gamemode, the store will be undergoing some changes. The layout of the categories will be separated between Oneblock and Survival. Ranks will apply to Oneblock AND Survival, so you only have to buy them once, and they will also be updated to include Oneblock perks.

We are also introducing a new bundle for Oneblock. The Sky Dweller bundle includes everything you need to get started on Oneblock:

  • Officer Rank
  • 5x Magic Crates
  • Stardust Pickaxe
  • Stardust Armor
  • Slayer Minion
  • Miner Minion
  • Iron Golem Spawner

Release Date 📅

Oneblock will be releasing today, July 1st, at 6pm EST. Ranks and tags will transfer to Oneblock automatically. Good luck!