To play on Castaway, you'll need a Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition account. If you don't have an account, you get purchase one here: We currently support version 1.16.5 and 1.17 clients.

Using Bedrock Edition? Connect with the following:

Server Name: Castaway
Port: 19132

  1. Once you have Minecraft open, click the Multiplayer button.

2. Next, click the Add Server button at the bottom of the screen.

3. On the Edit Server Info screen, enter a name in the Server Name field, and then type the IP into the Server Address box. Once you have done this, make sure to click the Server Resource Packs button until it shows as Enabled.

4. You're all set! Click Done and join the server.

Castaway Survival Server

On survival, you will spawn randomly in a scale map of the Earth, and will have to find resources and build shelter in order to survive. As you progress, you can begin to find and trade rare items with other players in the economy. There's always plenty to do! Get a group of friends together and team up sharing builds, or just play by yourself, the choice is yours!

Small Survival Server

Castaway is a small survival server with a tight-knit community. Our small survival server environment is extremely enjoyable and features loads of custom features including vehicles, custom items, and more! When you join Castaway, you're joining a community that's committed to making sure you have the best experience possible. We want to ensure that you have a fun time on our small survival server, and we'll go to great lengths to give you that great small survival server experience.

Castaway OneBlock Server

OneBlock is a unique twist on the popular SkyBlock gamemode. Similar to SkyBlock, you have to survive in a harsh, minimal environment. But the difference is, you only get one block. The trick is that this block regenerates whenever it is broken, so you can get an infinite number of blocks to expand your island.

The Magic Block is important in OneBlock because it is the primary source of progression in the game. If you ever can't find it, just search for the green particles. The block that's emitting green particles is the OneBlock.

If your OneBlock disappears, placing a block in its place and breaking it will restore it. Be sure to play OneBlock with sound! Mobs will spawn while you are breaking the Magic Block, and you will get a warning with a hiss or a growl when a mob is ready to spawn.

After you have broken the Magic Block enough times, you will reach additional phases! New phases allow you to get access to more blocks and different, better loot in chests. Once you have completed all phases, the phases reset and you can cycle through all over again, if you wish.

Castaway Minecraft Servers

When you join Castaway, you will see a screen where you can select from a multitude of different servers. Each server in the list is completely separate, meaning that you can always start fresh on another server if you choose.

We recommend that you always use the latest version of Minecraft to join. We will always support the latest version of Minecraft, and as time passes, we will drop support for older versions. To ensure that you can always connect, always use the latest version of Minecraft in your launcher.

  • Latest Version
  • Helpful staff team
  • Safe environment for all ages
  • No downloads or mods required

What is the IP for Survival?

Commands for Minecraft Servers

When playing Castaway, you will be required to use several commands. Some of these commands include:

  • /spawn - go to the server's spawn
  • /rtp - get a new spawn location
  • /sethome - save a home location
  • /home - teleport to a saved home location
  • /shop - access the server's shop
  • /pw - list all available player warps
  • /trust - allow another player access to your land

Why Play Castaway?

  • Frequent updates and bug-fixes
  • Excellent community and official support
  • Unreasonably fun gameplay and many custom features
  • Helpful and friendly community
  • Committed development and ownership teams