By joining Castaway, you are agreeing to abide by the rules and guidelines listed below. Those who fail to abide by these will be punished accordingly by our staff members.

Chat Disruption - Promoting Spam
Encouraging other players to spam in chat.

Chat Disruption - Foreign Languages in Chat
Speaking in any language that isn't English in chat. This will make it difficult for staff members to moderate chat. We encourage you to keep this to private chats.

Chat Disruption - Excessive Capital Letters
Using 8+ capital letters in the same message.

Chat Disruption - Indirect Swearing
General swearing, not towards anyone.

Chat Disruption - Spamming
Spamming the same or similar message 3+ times in chat at a rapid pace.

Chat Disruption - Chat Flooding
Spamming different messages in chat at a rapid pace.

Chat Disruption - Character Spam
Spamming 5+ of the same or similar characters in a message.

Chat Disruption - Command Spam
Spamming commands that are visible to other players.

Staff Disruption - Staff Impersonation
Pretending to be a staff rank or staff member.

Staff Disruption - False Information
Purposely giving false information to others.

Staff Disruption -  Revealing Staff in /v
Revealing staff members who are in vanish while doing their job (for example, when spectating a hacker).

Staff Disruption - Arguing
Continuously arguing with a staff member after being told to stop.

Inappropriate Content - Sexual/Drug References
Discussions surrounding vulgar, sexual or drug related topics.

Inappropriate Content - Abusive Language
Swearing directly towards another player.

Disrespect - Player Disrespect
Players continuously harassing another player or disrespecting them, and continuing another being told to stop.

Disrespect - Server/Staff Disrespect
Making disrespectful comments or remarks towards a staff member or the server.

Inappropriate Content - Display
Inappropriate builds, skins or capes.

Sensitive Content - Illness Jokes

Making jokes about illnesses.

Griefing - Terrain Defacing
Defacing the natural terrain.

Sensitive Content - Discrimination
Discriminating against a race, sexuality, gender, etc.

Sensitive Content - Suicide Encouragement/Jokes
Telling someone to die, or making jokes surrounding suicide.

Sensitive Content - Death Threats
Threatening to kill another person in real-life.

Scamming - In-Game
Scamming a player out of in-game items/money. This also includes selling mystery or randomized shulkers with items inside.

Bug Abuse
Abusing a bug/glitch on our server.

Griefing - Claims
Griefing within 10 blocks of a player's claim. Griefing within the actual claim itself is not punishable.
Claims within 10 blocks of another player's claim will be removed upon request. And claims that have been inactive for 30+ days will unclaim automatically.

Attempting to kill or trap other players.

Inappropriate Usernames
Logging on to the server with an inappropriate username or one that violates our rules.

Ban Evasion
Using an alternative account to evade a ban on another.

Use of a Hacked Client
Using a hacked client or modifications that gives the player an unfair advantage. This includes the use of autoclickers.

Threats - DdoS Threats
Threatening to DdoS another player, whether it's a joke or not.

Threats - DOX Threats
Threatening to DOX or leak personal information of another person, whether it's a joke or not.

Threats - Server Threats
Making serious or harmful threats towards the server.

IRL Trading
Trading anything in-game for real-life money or anything that could have real-world value (including gift cards). (Trades exclusively involving the server store are allowed)

Server Advertisement
Attempting to advertise other servers or external platforms, such as hosting companies, realms, etc.

Leaking Personal Information
Leaking information about another person that is personal and not already public knowledge.

Management may issue punishments at their discretion when necessary.