Season Two is now open!

New Features

We've got plenty of new features ready for the initial release of Season Two, with more features planned for the coming weeks.

  • 135 Custom Blocks
  • 4x Larger Earth Map
  • 3 New Crates
  • 3 New Gear Sets
  • 10+ New Hats
  • New Spawn
  • Hat Effects

Custom Blocks

With the addition of 135 custom blocks, there are endless possibilities for your next build. Custom blocks will first be available in /shop, with crafting recipes being added soon.

Lime Mushroom Blocks, Mushroom Pillars, and Chiseled Mushroom

New Crates

Replacing the Epic and Ultra Crates are the Ocean and Tiki Crates. Ocean Crates can only be obtained when we reach our donation goal, or through the new treasure ability found on the Scarecrow and Tiki items.

The Tiki Crate features a brand new set of Tiki Gear and 3 unique Tiki Masks. These crates are available for purchase on

/warp crates

The October Monthly Crate allows you to win 9 items instead of 1 and includes the Scarecrow Gear Set along with 7 new hats, two of which are our new effect hats. To see the full list of rewards, head over to

October Monthly Crate

New Gear Sets

With the introduction of our new crates comes 3 new unique gear sets!

  • Diver Gear - Can be found in the Ocean Crate
Diver Gear Set
  • Tiki Gear - Can be found in the Tiki Crate. The Tiki Armor set bonus grants permanent Fire Resistance, allowing you to explore dangerous places. In addition to their normal abilities, Tiki tools have the new Treasure Effect, which drops rare loot while you use the them!
Tiki Gear Set
  • Scarecrow Gear - Available in our new October Monthly Crate, this set bonus increases your chances of finding loot while using items with the Treasure Effect. This set also features brand new item abilities.
Scarecrow Gear Set

Hat Effects

To top off the update, certain hats now grant special effects! Available in the October Monthly Crate, the Cauldron hat grants Regeneration and the Pumpkin Monster Hat grants Speed II!

Season Two is now open!