We have recently created a new mechanic which allows you to drive fully working vehicles in Minecraft! In this article, we will show you how you can get access to these vehicles without using any mods!

There are two ways that you can get access to working vehicles in Minecraft. The first way is by joining a Minecraft Server that has vehicle functionality. This method is preferred as you can get access to vehicles without installing any mods. The second way you can get vehicles in Minecraft is by installing Minecraft Mods which add vehicles to the game. This method is not preferred as you will only be able to use the vehicles in singleplayer. You also will have to follow a lengthy and complicated installation process which can be difficult to troubleshoot.

In order to join a Minecraft Server that has vehicle support, you can use the following steps:

  1. Open your favorite version of Minecraft. Any version past 1.16.5 will do, but version 1.17.1 is recommended.
  2. Click on the multiplayer option on the title screen.
  3. Enter the server "earth.castaway.gg" after selecting the option to add a server to your list.
  4. Be sure to enable resource packs for the server! Vehicles will not be able to function properly without completing this step!
  5. Connect to the server and join any of the Earth Survival worlds. Each of the Earth Survival worlds has vehicles.

On the Castaway server, vehicles can be obtained in a number of ways. One of the easiest ways to get access to vehicles is by winning them from crates. Crates can be earned by voting or by purchasing them at the Castaway Store. Each crate has a chance of containing a vehicle inside. Vehicles can also be obtained by trading them with other players. Players will commonly accept trades for vehicles and other valuable items, including in-game money, which can be also be obtained by trading with other players or selling ores to the server shop.

We highly recommend playing a server because it provides a much more fun environment. You can invite your friends and ride vehicles together for free, without having to worry about setting up a server or port forwarding. Servers with Vehicles also commonly have economy features that further encourage players to interact with each other in a fun, social environment.

What is Castaway?

Castaway is a small survival server that allows you to play with all of your friends and other members of our community. We work to bring you a safe environment where you can hang out with other players, chat, build cool things, and make memories. Our small survival server environment is an inviting community space where you can interact with everybody!

The other option to use vehicles in Minecraft is by downloading and installing mods:

  1. Install a mod loader like Fabric
  2. Find a suitable vehicles mod and install it in your mods folder. Also be sure to install any dependencies that this mod may require. Make sure you download the right version, as different versions of Minecraft may not be compatible with the vehicles mod you downloaded.
  3. Start up your mod loader and check to make sure that the mod loaded successfully
  4. Load up a singleplayer world and enjoy your new vehicles!

The mod approach has many downsides over using servers to play with vehicles in Minecraft. When using mods, you won't be able to play with any of your friends. Additionally, there can be an increased risk of accidentally installing malware while trying to find a working mod. Vehicles mods can be difficult to troubleshoot if they don't work. For all of these reasons, we suggest that you instead play on a server like Castaway. On this server, vehicles are easy to obtain, require no mods or extra software to be installed, and you can even play with your friends for free!